Timeshare Termination Service

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Timeshare Termination Service

When your circumstances have changed and you no longer need your timeshare it is best to use a company to assist you who are reputable, trustworthy, and who are only looking to act in your best interests.

You don’t need to attend a presentation in order to dispose of a timeshare, you don’t need to buy another product, and you don’t need to travel to Spain either.  We offer a regulated Timeshare termination service right in the UK.

Many “cold callers” will proclaim that they can dispose of your timeshare, or that if you visit their offices they can assist you in pursuing a claim against the resort, however, quite often this can involve you paying more than £5,000 and receiving no service whatsoever.

It’s not many years ago since Incentive Leisure Group Ltd was liquidated, and the liquidator found many of the timeshares that they were supposed to be disposing of were just unceremoniously dumped in the back of a filing cabinet. This is why when you decide that you want to terminate your timeshare, that you speak to a regulated business and not a “cold caller”.

Incentive Leisure may not be around anymore, however, the internet is littered with companies that proclaim to offer a timeshare termination service, yet, fail to disclose their entire company details, so your not entirely sure about who you are dealing with. Would you really want to pay a stranger money for a supposed service, when you can’t even determine exactly who you are dealing with? What if they take your money and do nothing? Who are you going to complain to? They may not even disclose their trading address!

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Deal with a regulated authority

At Lincoln Green Solicitors Ltd, you can be sure that you are dealing with a business that is regulated and you can check our details on the Solicitors Regulation Authority website. 


If your circumstances have changed and you no longer want your timeshare, and you want to be sure that you receive the best advice then contact us. For a low fixed fee we will negotiate the termination of your membership with the resort that you joined.

In addition, we will also be able to advise you if you are potentially able to pursue a claim against your resort for compensation where the timeshare was mis-sold, or the resort has breached its contract with you.


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