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Solar Panels – Beware Of High-Pressure Sales Techniques

The Government has announced that the Feed-In Tariffs Scheme closes on 31st March 2019. After that date, it will no longer be possible for an owner of Solar Panels to register with Ofgen for the payment of Feed-In Tariffs, meaning the attraction of installing solar panels will be severely diminished, and financially unviable for many.

Feed-In Tariffs were first introduced in April 2010. Under the Scheme, registered owners of Solar Panels were entitled to be paid Feed-In Tariffs for electricity supplied by them to the National Grid. The Solar Panel industry has become notorious for its use of high-pressure sales techniques, with sales representatives normally being employed on a commission-only basis.

Homeowners were often given a totally unrealistic picture of the savings they would make from installing the panels, not only because the supplier had no plans to be trading in the long term, but also because their representative knew that unless they closed a sale, they would not receive any money for their time.

It seems likely that many suppliers will want to make hay while the sun shines and may be under an even greater temptation to resort to high-pressure sales techniques in a last bid to persuade homeowners to sign up before 1st April 2019.

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