Have You Bought Or Tried To Dispose Of A Timeshare?

Timeshare Scams 

In the UK there are around 600,000 people that own some form of timeshare, many of whom never use their timeshares, often due to age or health-related issues but remain liable to pay maintenance fees to the developer.

The majority of timeshare contracts are written in such a way, that it is not usually evident of how buyers can dispose of their timeshare when they no longer need it. Developers try to ensure that they are only allowed to surrender ownership to another couple. By ensuring the timeshares are sold in this way, it effectively means that both husband and wife (or partners) are jointly and severally liable for the ongoing maintenance fees if one party dies.

Many timeshare developers will not actively resell an owners timeshare, as very often the resorts still have a high volume of their unsold timeshares yet to sell which means owners are often left exposed to potential fraud that manifests itself in many different scenarios.

How the “scams” work

Most frauds originate from timeshare owners being “cold called” by a person, or company that knows the resort where their timeshare is based, along with many other personal details that they have often obtained illegally.

Other frauds may originate on the internet where a company fails to disclose it’s full legal status, company number, and registered office details. If they can’t tell you who they are, then ask yourself what are they hiding?

How they “hook” unsuspecting victims?

We believe that you may have been exposed to a “scam” if you have spoken to, or visited any company that claims:-

1. They have a “buyer” in their office’s, who wishes to buy your timeshare, and asks for a deposit for their fees over the phone.
2. You will need to visit Tenerife (or another Spanish island) to complete the sale
3. You will need to visit their office in the UK so that you can join a “group action” against the resort.
4. They will pay you £000’s for your timeshare if you visit their offices.
5. To dispose of your timeshare that you will need to pay them £000’s.
6. By joining their “holiday club,” they will dispose of your timeshare, and provide a “cashback” certificate, which when redeemed will refund the cost of both your joining fees and timeshare.
7. By buying products such as Eze Group “Credits” that they will dispose of your timeshare.

If you have been exposed to any of the above scenarios, please contact us on 03003 033 819.

How we can help you recover your money

If you paid a deposit for your membership with Eze Group at the presentation by credit card, and then paid the balance by cheque or bank transfer, we can pursue a claim to recover your money under a “no win no fee” agreement, and we can also ask the lender to pay you interest.

Deal with someone you can trust

We are a regulated solicitors practice which is governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). When you chose to work with us, we will be able to look after your entire claim as we will never have to refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service or to a solicitor. We always have the option of pursuing legal action which means we can work faster and have more control.


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