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The many problems facing static caravan owners in the UK

“Static caravans are like static electricity, both can give you a nasty shock”


Many people enjoy a nice week in the sun, on a caravan park in the UK and decide to buy static caravans with the intention of bringing the family together or spending more time relaxing with their partner. The caravans on sale at the holiday park may look very attractive, and they may offer you discounted ground rent for the first few years and also offer you the ability to sublet your caravan for a few weeks each year to cover your costs which adds to the appeal.


Secret Commissions

Virtually all of the major park operators in the UK are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as they can often offer a variety of schemes and lenders by which consumers can fund their purchase. When the parks offer to provide a service on your behalf to secure a loan for you to purchase your caravan, lodge or chalet, it is likely that they will receive a commission from the lender. In respect of some lenders this can equate to 6% of the loan value. Where the caravan park is likely to receive a commission from the lender they should make you aware of this, either on their website or in the documents that they ask you to sign.

If you were not made aware that your park operator was going to receive a commission then please call us toady on 0300 3033 819


What else can consumers pursue a claim for in respect of static caravans, lodges and chalets.

1. Not Being “Fit For Purpose” – Quite often this will relate to a damaged chassis as It’s not unusual for the park operator’s staff to damage the chassis of a caravan on its journey from the sales area to its pitch. If you discover that your chassis or caravan has been damaged after delivery, and you are unable to now close a number of doors and windows as you should have been then we can pursue a claim on your behalf.

2. Van Older Than Stated – Some people are told their caravan is much older than it is meaning the value of the caravan is dramatically reduced when they try and sell it. If your caravan is older than you thought, then you can pursue a claim for compensation.

3. Sold As New When In Fact Used – From time to time people can be sold a previously owned caravan as being a new caravan. If you have evidence that your van was second hand as opposed to new, when you were told it was new, then you can pursue a claim for compensation.

If any of the above applies to you then call us today!

We will be able to advise you of the merits of your claim. We will send you an information pack and guide through the preparation of any information required in order to pursue a claim for compensation. In most cases where you purchased the caravan via finance or credit card, we would be able to pursue your claim under a “no win no fee” basis, however, if you purchased your van with cash, cheque or bank transfer, we will ask you to fund your claim via different means.


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