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IPower Systems Claims

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I Power Systems

Mis-sold Solar Panels

Lincoln Green Solicitors are currently agreeing on offers of compensation for a large number of consumers of I Power Systems Ltd with Creation Consumer Finance Ltd who funded the purchase of many of these systems.

We are seeing many claims being settled where the loan is written off and the customer receives an additional lump sum. Often between £10,000 – £12,000

If you purchased a system from I Power via a loan provided by Creation then please call us today. We will process your claim swiftly and efficiently for you under a “no win no fee” agreement.


If you have received a letter from a Claims Management Company (CMC) or have been “cold called” in respect of I Power Systems Ltd, for your protection we would suggest you don’t pursue any claim via this route.

There are three reasons why we suggest you should not respond to these businesses;

1. It is highly likely your personal data was obtained in breach of your data protection rights. If you have received a personal letter or a cold call then it’s likely that the caller has your personal data. How did the CMC obtain your contact details and how do they know you have bought a solar system?

2. Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) means that we can never use sales databases to contact you and we only respond to incoming enquiries. This means that we respect and protect your privacy at every stage.

3. CMCs are now required to obtain a new licence under new legislation and it is likely that many CMCs will have to cease trading

The compensation you receive may also be significantly higher when working directly with a solicitor


I Power Systems Ltd (in liquidation) was a solar panel installation company based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire who went into liquidation on 26th May 2015. Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) had previously investigated them on a number of occasions, after selling solar PV systems to many consumers that were underperforming.

Most consumers were also provided with a credit facility from Creation Consumer Finance Ltd, whereby, the loan was to be repaid over 10 years, which left most seriously out of pocket for the term of the loan, despite being told the systems would make them a profit after paying for the loan.

Exaggerated returns

IPower Solar systematically exaggerated the returns to convince purchasers that not only would they be saving the planet but they would also be making money.

After analysing the sales paperwork for our clients, not one of them has correctly shown the actual benefit of the system. The consequence of this was that instead of the monthly profits promised people were often out of pocket.

Our Client Experiences 

“I was told that the system is a better investment than an ISA and after paying the loan payments I will be able to have a holiday for free. In reality, I have had to use my inheritance to pay off the loan”

“I was visited by Lifestyle renewables and they sold me some more useless equipment, only later did I find out that Lifestyle was connected to the directors of I power so I was conned again”

Deal with someone you can trust

Lincoln Green Solicitors has a lot of experience of handling Solar Panel claims and would like to speak to you if you too have had a similar experience with this company.

We are a business regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). We are more than just a claims management company, and have more legal options available to us.

If you have been a victim of I Power Systems and want to claim compensation, then please call us

Our team are available 9am-5pm

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