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Did You Buy A Solar PV System From Genius Energy Ltd?

All of the Genius Energy installations we have seen far have been mis-sold. The salesmen promised huge savings that simply couldn’t happen.  Our clients are due compensation therefore if you have a Genius system then please urgently contact us to see if yours was mis-sold.

• Are your solar panels generating as much energy as you were promised?
• Were you were sold a ‘self-funding’ solution that is leaving you out of pocket?
• Did you sign up for a 15-year loan agreement with Shawbrook Bank?

If this sounds like your experience with Genius Energy Ltd call us to start your no win no fee claim today.

We have been contacted by a number of customers who have been given low compensation offers from their lenders in the hope of quickly closing their case. Please call us before accepting as you could be losing £1000’s.

Fully loaded

Genius Energy sold systems described as a “fully loaded renewable system”. Bundled with the solar PV system were a Voltage Optimiser, LED Bulbs and a Boiler Controller amongst other items. These components together it was claimed would make huge financial savings.

Genius claimed that the benefits of a specific component in their system was far more than what was realistically achievable. An example of this is the voltage optimiser which they claimed could reduce electricity consumption by up to 20%. An independent report on the voltage optimiser states that such benefit may be just 0.8% as of 2015, and declining further year on year.

In one instance, a controller which could be added to a boiler was advertised as being beneficial for oil, gas and coal-fired central heating.  When cross-checking with the component manufacturer’s guidance, they made no reference to “coal-fired” central heating in their documentation. 


Many consumers were led to believe that their purchase was self-funding meaning the savings and the income received would equal the monies being repaid under the loan. The website of the Genius Energy Ltd stated that “in the first couple of years that you may need to top up the payment to cover the monthly loan amount”. Most people would associate the word “couple” with the number two, believing that at worst the system would be self-funding after two years. Unfortunately for most, their system would not really be self-funding for many years by which time they will have “topped up” perhaps £1000’s.

Projected savings over 25 years

Were you shown a presentation and spreadsheet by Genius Energy? We have seen presentations showing savings in electricity and gas over a 25 year life of the system. Projections of £10,000’s were often shown, however, the basis for the calculations was not disclosed. The result a compelling saving of money that was impossible to check the accuracy of and now people have seen that this projection can never be achieved.

Genius Energy Ltd in Liquidation

Genius Energy Ltd was placed in liquidation following a meeting held on 4th May 2016, and the liquidation of the company is currently ongoing.

Deal with someone you can trust

Lincoln Green Solicitors has handled a large volume of Solar Panel claims and would like to speak to you if you have purchased solar panels from Genius Energy Ltd.

We are a regulated business which is governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). We have more legal powers available to us than claims management companies.

If you have been a victim of Genius Energy Ltd, and want to claim compensation, then please call us on 03003 033 819 and start your claim today.

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