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Mis-sold Solar Panels

  • Were you told the panels would be “self-funding”?
  • That “They will not cost you a penny”

You now know nothing could be further from the truth

Lincoln Green Solicitors are acting for hundreds of people who were tricked into purchasing solar panels. If a loan or credit cards were used to purchase the panels then we can often recover compensation from the lender on your behalf.

Were you mislead into purchasing solar panels? We would like to hear from you today. Our professional team are getting money back or getting loans written off for hundreds of people like you. Do not miss your chance to get the compensation you are due.

We work on a no win no fee basis and you pay us nothing until you are paid.

You have nothing to lose and £1000s to gain.

If you find yourself in this situation then call us now on 03003033819.

How did this happen?

During the period 2012-2015 Government incentives for green energy resulted in the solar industry expanding rapidly. New installers started up every day desperate to gain some of the action. These installers grew and gained market share often by forecasting unrealistic returns and using other mis-selling techniques. As panel prices reduced, the incentives were slashed and the industry collapsed almost overnight, after installing 800,000 systems.

Many consumers who bought solar panels from the companies listed below (which have all now ceased trading) may feel that they have been mis-sold their solar panels. If you bought a system from any of these companies, or any other where you felt pressured into buying a solar pv system then please call us:

Mis-selling practices

Some consumers have never received the appropriate paperwork with which to register their systems for FITs payments, while others received it too late to register for the best tariffs.

Sales representatives are paid by results; in the case of solar sales they only got paid when they sold, there was no salary otherwise. This put them under tremendous pressure to close deals; they were given literature and were trained how to use it efficiently to get the contract signed. The companies above showed financial benefits that were unobtainable but the presentations were slick and often it was impossible to check the results. For example, the purchasers watched the presentations on the sales person’s laptop thus leaving them with no information after the sale was completed.

The telesales teams often targeted people who were around retirement age and on signing up the deal the clients had solar panel systems that they were unlikely ever to see any financial benefit during their lifetime.

A Warning

Gamekeeper turned Poacher scenario

We understand that many consumers who have bought solar panels, in particular from the companies listed above, have been subjected to “cold calls” and mailshots from “claims companies” that seem to know that they have bought a solar panel system, and from whom.
If you receive any form of contact from a company such as this, then please ignore such communication, and if you do feel that you want to make a claim contact a solicitor, such as us. Solicitors are regulated by the SRA, and they do not “cold call” members of the public, or buy databases.

In addition, the work that a solicitor will undertake on your behalf is likely to be more thorough and professional, than that of some of the claims management companies, who may adopt a “one size fits all” approach when filing claims.

Has this happened to you?

Our Lawyers at Lincoln Green have helped many people in these situations. If you answer yes to any of the questions below we may be able to help you too.

• Are unhappy with the performance of your solar panels?
• Were you led to believe the solar panels would be self-funding when they are not?
• Did you purchase the solar panel with a loan in part or on credit card?
• Have you made a previous claim that has been rejected by the lender?

Many of these solar PV systems and their ancillary products have been sold on finance where principally, Barclays Partner Finance, Shawbrook Bank, Hitachi Capital or Creation Consumer Finance were the lenders, and involve consumers often repaying loans between 10 – 15 years.

Find out if you have a claim

Lawyers at Lincoln Green have extensive experience in recovering money for victims of mis-sold Solar Panel products. If you have been exposed to aggressive sales practices arising from the kind of promotions described above, then please contact us, as we may be able to recover any monies that you have paid them under a “no win no fee” agreement.

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We decided to use Lincoln Green Solicitors after being advised to claim our mis-sold solar panel system.

They were easy to deal with and the process involved very little effort on our part except for a few questions and some proof of purchase.

Many thanks to them we got over £9,000 back

Mr Adams

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