Mis-Sold SIPP’s & Investments

Concerned by the advice you were given?

Mis-Sold Investments and Pensions

When you want to claim compensation for a mis-sold investment or pension, it is often difficult to know where to start, or what you need to establish to prove your case – we can help you!

Many of the best known banks, insurance companies, building societies and IFAs have sold investments and pensions that were unsuitable for their client’s needs, and didn’t meet the standards required when addressing a client’s attitude to risk. These investments have resulted in the client losing money. If you feel this is you then please contact us.

Have you lost money on an investment after receiving advice from a business that you believed was acting in your best interests? Have you been sold an annuity which failed to take into account your health conditions which has resulted in a lower annuity (spread over too many years)?

  • We will aim to ensure that your claim is settled promptly.
  • We won’t charge you any upfront fees.
  • Your compensation will usually be paid directly to you.

The investments and annuities that we can look at are really any that were recommended to you by your bank, building society and IFA. In most cases it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the paperwork as we can write and obtain a copy of your file from the company concerned.

There are many types of investments that we can look at, some of which may be more familiar to you by the term by which they were referred to including:

  • With Profit Bonds
  • Personal Equity Plans
  • Investment Bonds
  • Capital Protected Bonds
  • Open Ended Investment Companies
  • Annuities

It may be the case that the product you were sold should have only have been made available to a sophisticated investor, who was familiar in taking risks and understood the consequences involved. Products of that type should not be sold to an ordinary retail customer.


Why use Lincoln Green Solicitors Ltd?

Our team have a long history of very successfully pursuing financial claims under a “no win no fee” agreement. We are motivated to win and will pursue your case professionally and efficiently. We will ensure that you are kept aware of how your case is being handled, and that you understand what steps we have taken in pursuing your claim for compensation. We will not ask you for money upfront – beware of firms that do!


For more advice on your potential claim please call us on 0300 303 3819, or fill in and submit the form on this page

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