Mis-Sold SIPP Investments

Concerned by the advice you were given?



Have you lost money through investing money in a Self-invested Personal Pension (a SIPP)?  If you think you have call us now, in particular if any of the companies listed below were involved:

  • Liberty SIPP
  • Berkeley Burke
  • Beaufort Securities Ltd
  • Greyfriars Asset Management LLP
  • KBW Associates
  • Kingswood Financial Advisors


Non-standard or high risk investments

Have you been persuaded to invest in an unusual or high-risk investment?  There have been many schemes for example:

  • Caribbean resorts (never built, money lost)
  • Plantations in developing countries (no such plantation existed)
  • Storage Pods (Store First are the subject of a Government winding up order)
  • Oil rig service vessels (fictitious)
  • A “green oil” scheme in Cambodia (fraudulent – see Berkelely case below)

The returns promised may have been very attractive and sold as secure.  However if an investment is predicted to produce a growth return way in excess of the norm it is likely to highly risky or even fraudulent.

Legal Basis for the claim

A SIPP allows someone who has been saving for a pension to choose what their pension will be invested in.  SIPP providers are authorised by the financial regulator to establish a pension scheme.

In the case of Berkeley Burke SIPP Administration Lt v FOS the SIPP provider Berkeley Burke challenged a decision of the Financial Services Ombudsman (FOS).  The FOS had determined that Berkeley Burke as a SIPP administrator had an obligation of “due diligence” under the Principles in the FCA Handbook.  The Court agreed and held that the SIPP provider had a duty under Principal 2.1 of the Handbook to carry out due diligence before allowing a customer to invest in an unregulated collective investment scheme.

SIPPs are normally constituted under trust deed and SIPP providers as trustees have fiduciary duties.  This means that SIPP administrators have a legal obligation to act prudently, conscientiously and honestly when making investment or other decisions.  We believe that SIPP providers cannot hide behind the “execution-only” defence.

In the case of Berkeley Burke the allegation was that Berkeley went ahead with the SIPP investment without carrying out sufficient checks.

Making a SIPP Claim

If you have lost money through any investment, we would request that you contact our team of experts for further advice. We pursue all claims for mis-sold SIPP’s under a “no win no fee” agreement, thus, we will only charge you a fee if your claim is successful.

What can I do?

If you have been provided with advice from an IFA, that you may believe wasn’t in your best interests, or you have lost money on your investment, or you received advice to switch your pension from a company scheme to a SIPP, and you have concerns, then please call us on 03003 033 819 or leave a message via our contact form and we will be in touch within 2 working days.

If, after reviewing your circumstances we believe you were mis-sold an investment or SIPP, we will pursue your claim under a “no win no fee” scheme.

How can we help?

The information on our website is intended to provide an overview of the services that we provide and does not constitute legal advice. If you wish to discuss your particular circumstances please contact us.

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