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The Eze Group and associated companies were subject to Crown Court action due to their fraudulent activities and have been closed down. As a result the benefits of membership have ceased. Our solicitors may be able to obtain compensation for you if you purchased from EZE Group and put the deposit on your credit card. If you used your debit card you will may not be able to recover the money given to EZE Group but we may still be able to recover your timeshare costs if you still have one

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EZE Group and Everywhere Travel websites suspended!

On the 29th April 2018, the websites of both Everywhere Travel and EZE Group were suspended and are no longer operational. Consequently you can’t use your membership credits with the result that your membership credits are worthless.

EZE Group Scam

Over almost the last decade Dominic O’Reilly and his daughter Stephanie created a web of companies together.  Known timeshare owners were targeted by cold calling or face to face meetings. Timeshare owners were charged a 5 figure amount, firstly to dispose of the timeshare and secondly the dream of cheap flexible holidays. Members purchased millions of EZE Credits which could in theory be exchanged for holidays. It has been estimated that the O’Reilly’s turned over tens of millions before being stopped in 2018.

Members often found that holidays were not available when desired or the rooms were not right. EZE Group would explain to members that they had insufficient credits and that they should purchase more. We have seen that people have purchased 4 top ups costing £40,000 or more to get sufficient points.

In truth, EZE Group disposed of very few timeshares for people consequently the maintenance liability continues and the credits had limited value and today no value at all.

EZE Group History

EZE Europe Ltd & Everywhere Travel Ltd are two companies operated in the UK by Stephanie O’Reilly, and Regency Shores SL and EZE Group, are operated by her father Dominic O’Reilly.

On the 17th November 2017 at Birmingham Magistrates Court, EZE Europe Ltd, Stephanie O’Reilly and Dominic O’Reilly all pleaded guilty to two offences under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. In view of the gravity of the offences, the case against EZE Europe Ltd and its directors has been transferred to Birmingham Crown Court. We understand that the maximum sentence for each offence is 2 years, however, we understand that they have also been charged with a further 37 other offences.

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