Leisure Credits

Have you been caught out?

Have you been sold Leisure Credits?

It is very common for “cold calling” companies to purposely approach individuals who have purchased timeshares by promising them a way to dispose of their existing timeshare or to claim they have mis-sold the timeshare and that they can claim their money back.

Very often the company will suggest that there are many other people in the same position as you and that some of them have received refunds often in excess of £30,000. Unsurprisingly they appear very reluctant to provide any hard evidence of their successes.

The company would usually invite the target to a presentation where a number of tactics are used to ensure the person attending signs up before they leave.

We would be very interested to hear from you in particular if you have dealt with any of the following:-

Monster Rewards SL
Monster Group Ltd
Hollywood Marketing SL
ABC Lawyers Ltd
Staycation Lodges Ltd
Eze Group
Eze Europe Ltd

Are you entitled to make a claim for compensation?

Lincoln Green Solicitors has helped many people in this situation. If you answer yes to any of the questions below please contact us.

  • Were you only attending the presentation to get out of your timeshare ownership?
  • Told that you could make a claim to recover all the money that you had paid for your timeshare?
  • Were you told that the company could provide holidays, short breaks and concierge services?
  • Were you told that you could redeem points or leisure credits in order to receive discounts of up to 40% or more?
  • Did you feel that you could only leave the presentation by buying the product you were being shown?
  • Were you told that if you didn’t buy the product you would be charged for your hotel accommodation?
  • Did you discover the day after signing the agreement that you couldn’t cancel the agreement, and that you weren’t entitled to a “cooling off” period?
  • Do you believe that you have been conned?
  • Have you been given a certificate as proof that this company disposed of your timeshare from a company associated with those named above?

How can we get your money back?

Lawyers at Lincoln Green have extensive experience in recovering money for victims of mis-sold timeshare products. If you have been exposed to aggressive sales practices arising from the kind of promotions described above, then please contact us, as we may be able to recover any monies that you have paid them under a “no win no fee” agreement.


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Were you sold leisure credits ?

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