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Timeshare Scams


In the UK it is estimated that maybe up to 700,000 people may own a timeshare, and every year they receive an annual maintenance fee demand, which will have usually increased year on year.

Mis-Sold SIPPs


Choosing where to invest your savings, or deciding which pension fund to invest in for your retirement, can be a potential minefield.  It is usually a good idea to seek independent financial advice from an IFA.  But occasionally this advice may be biased or much higher risk than you thought.

Multiple Dwellings Relief


Have you overpaid SDLT? Many people in the UK have purchased a property with an annex or granny flat attached.  This type of abode usually comes with multiple dwellings relief but was this picked up during the sale or did you end up paying too much Stamp Duty Land Tax?

Mis-sold Solar Panels


The lucrative 2012-2015 Government incentives for solar panel installations on offer to homeowners in the UK may have not all paid off due to underperforming units, over-exaggerated claims with high pressured sales tactics.  Is your solar panel living up to expectations?

Spanish Deposit Loss


Did you pay a deposit on a Spanish property that was never built? If you were caught out by the Spanish housing crash? We can help get your money back and potentially interest too. The deadline for these type of claims in Spain is 7th October 2020, do not to delay making a claim.

Leisure Credits


It is very common for “cold calling” companies to acquire databases and purposely approach individuals who have purchased timeshares by promising them a way to dispose of their existing timeshare.  Often misleading the customer and selling another inadequate product.  Were you cold-called?

Leisure Credit Claim

I was very impressed with the letter of compliant drafted by Lincoln Green Solicitors to my bank requesting a section 75 refund and pleased with the resulting offer.  Lincoln Green Solicitors made is easy for me.  After signing the client agreement, all I had to do was send my keys concierge paperwork to them and respond to their emails showing the progress being made.  Thank you for a job well done.

Solar Panel Claim

A good service and recovered 25% of my payment to My Planet, for solar Panels that did not perform as I was told at the point of sale Mr Brown

Leisure Credit Claim

My wife and I are delighted having given up getting any joy from any company.  Lincoln Green Solicitors have achieved a settlement for us, getting back most of the outlay on a firm that failed to achieve any compensation and finally went into administration.  You people (Lincoln Green Solicitors) were what we were looking for. Mr & Mrs Philips

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