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Silverpoint & Resort Properties 

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Resort Properties or Silverpoint Timeshare

Some claims are in excess of £100,000

Lincoln Green Solicitors is currently agreeing on large offers of compensation for several clients who have bought timeshares and timeshare bundles as “investments” from either Resort Properties or Silverpoint over recent years.

Barclays Partner Finance Silverpoint’s loan company of choice providing loans of £25,000 per person. At one point, this was the maximum sum a lender would offer via an unsecured personal loan.

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The background

Thousands of consumers have bought timeshares from either Resort Properties or Silverpoint over recent years, and many of these consumers purchased parcels of timeshares as an “investment”. The resort claimed they would resell the timeshares on the consumer’s behalf for a healthy profit.

There is little evidence of anyone making any healthy profit, however, we have heard many stories of consumers making a very unhealthy loss.

It was common practice for both Resort Properties and Silverpoint to claim that; “the reason owners’ timeshares had not been resold was because they had bought the wrong type of timeshares”. The victim was convinced to take out a further loan to upgrade their portfolio and trade them in for timeshares where the demand was higher.

Over the subsequent years, the sales pattern repeated itself with consumers spending ever-increasing sums of money on timeshares that were virtually worthless.

Club Paradiso

Silverpoint’s final destination product was Club Paradiso, which offered members the opportunity to take holidays at a collection of resorts. Recently we have become aware that the Club Paradiso website has been taken offline, phone calls have not been answered, and members pre-booked holidays have been cancelled. If you own membership of Club Paradiso please contact us urgently.

In the last few years as demand for timeshares has diminished, Silverpoint persuaded owners to trade in their timeshares for membership of the Keys Lifestyle Concierge programme.

We Understand 

The website for Keys Lifestyle Concierge is not operating, and records at Companies House suggest the company may have been trading whilst appearing to be insolvent. Our concerns are that members have now lost all of the money that they invested in Resort Properties, Silverpoint and their associated companies.

We have concerns that members have now lost all of the money that they invested in Resort Properties, Silverpoint and their associated companies. Some elderly clients have taken out equity release mortgages on their home in order to purchase timeshares. If this applies to you please contact us urgently.

We can offer a “no win no fee” claims service. Get in touch today if you are a victim 03003 033 819.


Make sure you chose to work with an independent and regulated legal professional as there has been many dubious companies created who often take advantage of their position
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