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Caroline Wilton

Director , Lincoln Green Solicitors

Law Society responds to lawyer’s lack of SDLT knowledge

Lawyers lack of SDLT Knowledge If you have recently bought a property you will be familiar with stamp duty land tax (lawyers call it SDLT). It was likely to have been the largest item of expenditure in your house purchase by far. What many new homes owners don’t...

Have You Bought Solar Panels On Finance?

Has your bank written to you asking if would like a review of the sale? Why are the banks writing to solar panel customers? We are aware that Barclays Partner Finance have been writing to consumers that have purchased solar panels using their finance packages....

What’s wrong with solar panels?

What's wrong with Solar Panels?  The short answer is nothing.  They do generate green energy. So why are there so many complaints about them? Sadly we have found all sorts of issues around the amount of energy they generate and the poor sales tactics used to sell the...

Have you ever been cold called?

Have you ever been cold called? I was talking to a friend the other day and I asked how often he receives a call on his land line? He replied that on the landline he only gets calls from his grandma and cold callers which got me thinking. Most of us have received cold...

Don’t get grief in Tenerife

Don’t experience grief in Tenerife Have you been “cold called” by ClaimYourClaims or RefundYourFunds?  Did they invite you to a free holiday in Tenerife, where they said that they can pursue a claim for monies you had previously spent on a timeshare or holiday club? ...

Eze Group Boss Sentenced

Eze group boss sentenced.We previously reported to you (see our blog 26 March 2018) about the “leisure credit” scam perpetrated by Dominic and Stephanie O’Reilly through their company Eze Europe Ltd. On 21 March Eze Europe boss Dominic O’Reilly received sentences...

Why do they have your data?

Claims Management Companies (CMCs) have for many years attracted a lot of negative press because of the way they conduct their business. Whilst many CMCs are ethical and above board, there is a small minority who will stop at nothing in order to get a potential...

The Difference Between A Solicitor And A Claims Management Company

There are often three ways to claim compensation Do it yourself Use a Claims management company Use a specialist solicitors' firm experienced in making claims Do it yourself Often you can make a claim yourself but you should realise that it can be time-consuming and...

Solar Panels – Beware Of High-Pressure Sales Techniques

Solar Panels – Beware Of High-Pressure Sales Techniques The Government has announced that the Feed-In Tariffs Scheme closes on 31st March 2019. After that date, it will no longer be possible for an owner of Solar Panels to register with Ofgen for the payment of...

The latest Timeshare scam in Tenerife!

BBC’s “Rip Off Britain” (S7 E6) has recently reported on some of the latest timeshare related scams operated in Tenerife and even saved one couple from falling victim to a “scam” whilst filming the programme! If you have had any dealings with companies called Island...

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