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Azure Resorts Ltd, Azure Services Ltd and Azure XP Ltd have all been placed in liquidation. Owners of timeshares with these companies have all been receiving emails from either the Corinthia Group, or Alvarez and Marsal Cayman Islands Ltd informing them of the insolvencies.

Potentially thousands of consumers have been mis-sold timeshares at the Golden Sands Resort at the Blu Radisson in Malta over the last 17 years.

We are already aware that there are 1,444 members who are pursuing a claim against Barclays Partner Finance, where in addition to the timeshare, the finance may have been mis-sold.

Many timeshare owners at Golden Sands were sold timeshares by Azure and told that they would be able to sell them at a healthy profit because “demand was high”.  However, in December 2019 Azure announced it was closing its sales decks at the resort in Malta.

Disappointingly, many owners had invested £000’s in memberships of the Heavenly Collection or the Island Residence Club and are now faced with losing their investments, and their holidays.

Azure Services mis-sold Barclays Partner Finance loans

Azure Services Ltd is known to have signed consumers up to credit agreements with Barclays Partner Finance even though they didn’t have a Consumer Credit Licence.

The decision to liquidate Azure Service Ltd might have been influenced by the on going litigation. If the court action had been upheld, Azure Services Ltd would have faced repaying over £40M of mis-sold Barclays Partner Finance Loans.

Both Azure Services Ltd and Azure Resorts Ltd copied the model of Silverpoint and Resort Properties where they often enticed unwitting consumers to buy a bundle of timeshares as an investment. The sales pitch being that these could quickly be resold at a profit. Examples of consumers successfully reselling timeshares in this manner are virtually non existent.

Azure XP Ltd is a company that has appeared more recently to sell a points based product, often involving the services of Vacation Finance Ltd both owned by Limora Investments Ltd.

Limora are also the owners of the much troubled Silverpoints timeshare resorts, where members of Club Paradiso have also invested significant sums of money in another timeshare product that has recently ceased trading.

Have you paid maintenance fees for 2020?

Barry Lynch and Wesley Edwards who are the joint liquidators on Azure XP Ltd stated in an email to members that “the company will be unable to perform the role of club manager going forward”. This message will disappoint thousands of Azure members who now won’t be able to enjoy holidays through their membership.

If you have a membership with Azure of any kind then not only may we be able to pursue a claim for a mis-sold timeshare, but we may also be able to help you recover the maintenance fees that you have paid this year.

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We have successfully pursued timeshare related claims for many years, we are a regulated business, we won’t “cold call” you, and we operate under a “no win no fee” agreement.

That’s right we will not ask you for any upfront fees if you choose to pursue a claim.

Don’t be fooled by any “cold caller” telling you need to pay upfront for the services of a Spanish solicitor in order to pursue a claim in Malta, because this is likely to be a scam.

If you have either paid a deposit on a credit card, or Azure has arranged the finance for you via Barclays Partner Finance, HMC Funding or Vacation Finance Ltd, then we can pursue a claim for you under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 in the UK.

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